Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats – Bananas, Tokens, Gift Codes… 100% Working For iOS/Android

Despicable Me Minion Rush is an infinite runner game for mobile gaming based on the upcoming movie. It is very fun and addictive mobile game based on the little yellow minions running around collecting bananas and picking up power-ups while they avoid massive bosses. Despicable Me: Minion Rush ads some very impressive and welcome twists to the usual running games. You can get the game from the App Store and Google Play.

Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats

Now we come to the reason why you got here in the first place. Since you searched for Despicable Me Minion Rush cheats, I take it you are already playing the game. Like every other game player, you cam to the point where you ask yourself are there any Despicable Me Minion Rush cheats or hacks you could use to your advantage. Of course there are many tricks, cheats and hacks. What we have right here is the best Despicable Me Minion Rush cheats and hacks collection you can get, anywhere. You might have run into some non working or scam hacks before you found this website. That ends this instance. Real 100% working Despicable Me Minion Rush cheats and hacks are right here available for download and have some real fun. Did I already mention it’s safe and undetectable? Well, it’s 100% working and totally undetectable. Just scroll down for Despicable Me Minion Rush cheats and hacks features. It includes everything from unlimited bananas and golden bananas to gift codes. You can have it all and it is very easy to use it. If you don’t want to be bothered and waste even more time, simply click the download button and get Despicable Me Minion Rush cheats and hacks right here, right now.

despicable me minion rush hack tool v3.87

Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats and Hack Features

1. Unlimited Bananas

2. Unlimited Golden Bananas

3. Unlimited Tokens

4. Gift Codes

5. User Friendly Interface

6. 100% Working Cheats and Hacks

7. Safe

8. Undetectable

9. 2000 Downloads (Left:23)

That would be all my little minions. Go on, download Despicable Me Minion Rush cheats and hacks and have some fun. Thousands of players have already downloaded it and used it on their amusement. Don’t be the only on in the blind.

Despicable Me Minion Rush Hack Tool Working Proof Cheats

download for pc

download for mobile



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    I finally got what I searched for
    after at least five fake hacks, this one was up to date and it worked
    will be checking back for some other games (I sent you a request)

  9. milka November 2, 2013 at 9:39 pm - Reply

    I got Tokens and Bananas on my iPhone, Thank you so muchhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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